i've been through alot ..sigh

Sep 30, 2012
I'm 30 I have generalized anxiety disorder since i was 5 back in march I had a tooth that had a metal filling that had been cracked over 10 yrs start hurting extremely I went to dentist gave me a zpack cleared up the infection and i had a root canal after the root canal it stayed infected they gave me another zpack which didnt work I ended up in the e.r. with an iv of antibiotics 3 days later i had the tooth removed for a couple months i felt back to my old self in july i had another tooth on the same side that had a crack and filling in it chip off as well before it got worse i headed to the dentist he just drilled and crowned it the pain set in the first week i thought was normal while that was goin on my wisdom tooth on the top left started in extreme pain i had it removed and mentioned to the dentist the crown he did was hurting too he didn't seem like it was a big deal when the pain got worse a week after i went back he said it was inflamed either root canal or pull i decided on root canal again i told him i as scared it was gona get infected he gave me a zpack which i warned him it stopped working on me the last time he said it should work a week after and another zpack later i wanted to pull my own tooth out i called the dentist he pulled the tooth a week after that a top molar started feeling pain when i bit down i went to 3 dentists got a ct scan and everything finally the 3rd dentist said the tooth was dead after a month of pain he said root canal i said no way i had the tooth pulled a week ago today the oral surgeon said nerve problem?? but when he pulled it he said the roots were inflamed now i feel like the tooth next to it is having issues I feel like I'm going insane I've lost 5 teeth since march two being wisdom i've been on alot of diff antibiotics constant pain on the right side of my face for over a month my question being does anyone have any advice??


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