Issue with Endodonic Treatment then Crown


Feb 7, 2015
I'm a 20 year old female and about 2 months ago I had a crown placed on one of my front teeth. (i believe it's tooth #8). I really think that I was falsely told that I needed a crown on the tooth when I really didn't and now I'm very unhappy with my overall smile due to the crown.

What happened was, another dentist perforated my root so I went to an endodontist and had it fixed. The tooth also had a very mild brown tint but I did not mind. However, after that endodonist procedure the dentist began to tell me a bunch of hypothetical situations about what can happen to the original tooth and he essentially told me that a crown was the best solution. So I naively agreed because I wasn't really aware of the process of having a crown place and was told it would be EXACTLY like my tooth, so I just trusted his judgement. Initially, i thought that a crown would be fitted on top of the tooth but when I went in for the preparation, my tooth was shaved down quite a lot. I was traumatized.

I was VERY happy with my teeth prior to having the crown because I've gone through orthodontic treatment and after that I was VERY pleased with my teeth. Not anymore. Ever since I had the crown placed I have constant migraines on the side that I had the crown placed. Additionally, I can still feel the crown 2 months later so I think it is fitted too tight, I wear a retainer. ALSO, the tooth isn't shaped exactly like my old tooth, like I was told. Keep in mind, prior to all this, my original tooth did not hurt and I didn't have any pain or discomfort. I only went to the dentist because I was concerned of the internal health of the tooth.

This issue has caused me severe anxiety, sadness and severe migraines. I want my original tooth back. Would it be possible to restore my old tooth? Why am I having migraines? Should I be able to feel the crown in my gums?

I really need to know what I can do. I feel like I've been take advantage of due to information asymmetry.

Please advise me.



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