Is this normal?

Sep 9, 2021
Hi, I am hoping someone might be able to put my mind at ease.
I went to the dentist today as I have a slightly cracked lower molar which has a filling and still has a nerve.
I was told that I am to have a temporary filling and stabilisation of the tooth in a months time. Why can’t I just have a normal filling? Does anyone know? I’m a little concerned that if the temp filling fails I’ll be left with an exposed nerve. My dentist doesn’t want to do a root canal on the tooth and says I might need to have it removed if the temp filling doesn’t work. All in all I’m a little confused about the whole progress. Could anyone enlighten me please?



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Do you have pain and or discomfort with the tooth particularly when you chew? Your dentist want to place sedative materials to allow the nerve to heal and not traumatize it if a normal filling that is very close can do. I like modern glass ionomer materials like Fuji Equia which helps desensitize the nerve and pulpal protectant like Pulpdent's Lime-Lite. Depending on how deep the filling, this can be placed as a final restoration. Aslo depending on how big the filling is, you may need a crown. The tooth most likely will get cold sensitive and if so, do not overwhelm it since the cold can damage the nerve.

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