Is this normal after WT extraction?

Feb 11, 2019
I have removed my right upper wisdom tooth 3 weeks back. It was supra erupted and OMFS took out within 2 minutes and no stiches. He said Upper WT doesn't require stitches.

I didn't chew that side from day 1 and having only soft foods till today. No hard foods or chewy foods.

Yesterday I tried to eat some hot food on that side. Suddenly I feel sharp pain on that extraction side. It was sharp sensitive pain for a second and nothing after that. I stopped eating that side. I tried today to have some hot liquid and I feel sudden sensitivity on that extraction side. Not sure if it's from extraction side or adjacent tooth.

I did go for a follow-up last week and OMFS said the site looks healed and took a cbct. Is this normal to have sensitivity on that site till gums formed?

And I feel very weird on the right side teeth. I feel like it has shifted and not meeting properly. The molars feel so tight and hard while closing the mouth. I am also having lower jaw pain and swelling issue going on for 2 months. So not sure this tightness is because of that or upper wisdom tooth.

My lower jaw moves to left and my lips are not looking normal while closed. The lower lip looks standing to the left and not proper
If I consciously close my mouth, it is properly closing and looks normal. Is this something to be checked out or is this normal?

I am also checking a TMJ specialist to check my lower jaw pain under the ear, neck pain with swelling. Whether the above issues are related to TMJ? Any input is really appreciated.
Thank you.


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