Is this granulation or infection?

Feb 7, 2021
Hi All,

Would really appreciate and advice.

Some history:
Last Saturday I was experiencing bad toothache under my lower jaw right molar crown and got to see an emergency dentist on the Sunday who gave me amoxicillin for an infection. (5 day course)
Fast forward to Tuesday, saw my regular dentist who told me I need to have both lower right molars extracted. Both have fitted crowns and were infected.
On Thursday I had both molars extracted at 11am. The lower second from my back jaw took almost 25 minutes to remove and was painful, even under anaesthetic. The dentist told me this was due to a curved root. The back molar - she could only remove the tooth, not the root and has referred me to an oral surgeon to take care of this (still waiting for referral to come through).

After the extraction and the anaesthetic wore off I was in lot of pain which was somewhat relieved by painkillers. (paracetemol and ibu)
The pain has steadily got better over the last few days but I still feel swollen in the area with a stiff jaw which is also heavily discoloured (yellow) around the extraction sites and has a dull ache (but not very painful) . Could this be and infection or is this just normal granulation repair? I appreciate this is an internet forum and a diagnosis cannot be made as such but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
It appears normal granulation repair. As long as you are not experiencing swelling, you should be fine. Leaving the root to minimize trauma was wise. Over a few days and weeks, the bone around the root will soften as the mouth tries to expel the remaining contaminant. This will allow the root to be removed less traumatically as opposed to drilling on the bone to access the root.


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