Is this diet optimal for cavity prevention? (low sugar and acid)

Dec 29, 2022
I only drink 250ml / 1 can / 8oz of energy drink a day now. Only 1 cup of Lipton Zero Calories Ice Tea (cos of phosphoric and citric acid in it)

I have started drinking 3 cups of unsweetened green tea every day because I read it combats bacteria in the mouth

Otheriwse I only drink non-carbonated mineral water, like 1.5 gallons a day.

I eat meat, pasta, white and brown rice, very very minimal candies (I used to eat so many but then the cavities came).

My goal is to keep acid and sugar consumption to an absolute bare minimum this way. I always read the label saying how much sugar (of all the carbs) a certain food item contains.

Currently if I remain consistent, we're talking about 10 maybe 20g of sugar a day, maximum.

I floss 1x daily before going to bed, I don't rinse with a mouthwash any more, and brush with an electric toothpaste very thoroughly (all 3 surfaces) 2x a day, once in the morning, once in the evening.

I am very afraid I might have a genetic inclination to teeth issues coz of my late grandfather. He had such bad teeth.

Is this diet good (I also take supplements), or is there nothing I can do about my genetic predisposition? I am in huge need of jaw surgery and braces so I absolutely must remain cavity-free till I'm done with the jaw surgery. PLEASE advise, tysm


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