Is it possible to spit out all the fluoride from the toothpaste after brushing your teeth?

Oct 4, 2020
Hi, folk.

I know that rinsing after brushing your teeth is bad, but is it also bad if you would spit out all the remaining toothpaste left in your mouth after brushing, without leaving some of it inside?

I ask this because usually, whenever I'm done brushing my teeth, I try to spit out as much toothpaste in my mouth as possible, usually because I don't like the taste of the toothpaste that I use.

I'm starting to wonder if this is bad for me? Do I spit out the remaining fluoride in my mouth from the toothpaste this way, making the whole point of not rinsing have no effect? Should I change my spitting habit to only spit out a little bit, and leave a small amount of foam in there, or should I do something else?



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I rinse all the toothpaste out of my mouth. The amount of Fluoride you need depends on your risk factors. It is impossible to gauge the the microscopic Parts Per Million you've been receiving or spitting out. 1. Does your drinking water have Fluoride? 2. Did you have a lot of cavities at your last dental exam? 3. Do you have a lot of fillings and dental work? 4. Are your teeth deteriorating (if you haven't visited the dentist)? If you are considered high risk, in addition to nutritional and oral hygiene counseling, I would prescribe you a 5000 PPM Fluoride toothpaste (no rinsing) after using regular Over the Counter high Fluoride toothpaste like Crest, Colgate, any ADA approved.


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