Is a root canal medically necessary for me at this time?

Jan 25, 2022
On a recent dentist visit, I had full x-rays taken. It was discovered that I had one tooth that had a previous root canal and one of the roots had been missed. I have a handful of root canals already, and this one like the others has been treated and crowned. This was more than a decade ago and there has been no further issue with this tooth. Basically, I have no tooth pain at all and only visited the dentist as I had moved to a new town and wanted to establish a connection.

Now my question: The dentist showed me the x-ray where the untreated root is clearly visible. I believe there were four on that tooth and three were properly treated. Is it medically necessary (or even appropriate) at this time to allow the endodontist (to whom I was referred by the dentist) to drill through my pristine crown and treat a non-symptomatic tooth? Am I really saving myself from later troubles or what are the chances problems will ever crop up here? I have insurance so that is not the issue. I am more wondering if I should maintain a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude. Or maybe it IS broke!

What say the pros?


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