Invisalign/Veneers Asking for opinion

May 14, 2019

My frontteeth were cracked 2-3 years ago i decided to change that and went to some dentists. They told me that first id have to change my bite because otherwise the veneers wont last long.
On january 2019 I started an invisalign treatment to close my open bite. Everything worked out well and the doctor said that if i agree the treatment would be finished. My teeth are quite straight now but it doesnt look really asthetic. He sent me to the veneers specialist (at the same office). I showed him some pictures of what result id like to get.

He said that my front teeth are too wide (from an asthetic point of view) Especially the right one, he said that we would have to take about 2mm of it and with the help of veneering using the space to make the small teeth on the right a bit wider. So he suggested 4 veneers on the upper front. I know that the width should be about 80% of the length. With me its about 1:1. On the next appointment another specialist was there and he was not a big fan of this option to make it smaller.

So the specialist thought about doing another invisalign treatment to make the front teeth a bit slimmer and move the other teeth more to the middle. I have invisalign full (so i wouldnt have to pay for another treatment) and the attachments are still on my teeth because we are not sure yet about how to continue.

Are some dentists around here? I would really appreciate your feedback to these issues. My teeth are super important to me and id love to have a 1 of a 100 smile but i think its quite difficult with my situation.

I also uploaded an exemple of a smile id like to get.


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Dec 6, 2017
The width of your teeth looks totally normal to me. The smile you would like does not look natural. It looks like a comic book character.

it's up to you if you want to do this to your teeth, but bear in mind that veneers require the removal of a fair bit of tooth which you cannot reverse. They require far more maintenance than alternatives. They may need replacing in 7 to ten years as they can chip. The gum can also recede. You will need hygienist appointments regularly to keep your cosmetic work clean and prevent decay. Veneers will also change the shape of your face, may be thicker than your current teeth, may cause dryness of your lips and sensitivity. You may notice a change in your speech and pronounciation. You may no longer be able to nibble or bite into apples with confidence. The material used is not quite the same as enamel and won't feel quite so strong. Most importantly you may have all this work done and not be 100% happy, but you won't be able to go back to what you have now.

If I were you I'd keep the current width, which looks great and just have composite bonding (which does not require removal of any dental enamel).

You may think this is what you want now, but I am just letting you know all the risks and problems you may encounter following the work. So that you make an informed choice.

I'm not a dentist but I had serious problems with veneers that a dentist talked me into. They are not a magic solution. If I could go back and change one thing in my life it would be agreeing to have veneers fitted.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
That desired look is very feminine and "American"; they like long narrow crowns. It would look unusual on a bloke.
The width of your central incisors are ever so slightly wider than the "ideal" compared to the adjacent teeth. I personally would strongly advise you against any treatment that involves damaging your teeth. The tips or your teeth may be broad, but so is the gumline width, and that can't be changed with veneers.
What type of specialists are you consulting with, pls?

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