Interproximal and gum line enamel decay

Feb 7, 2020
So the problem is, I've switched to soft bristled toothbrush for like 2 months because I've managed to damage my front tooth gum a little and since then my already existing occlusal cavities has gone worse and I started noticing fast progressing interdental gumline caries (uncavitated i guess, the floss doesn't catch on any rough side, especially between my 2 premolars). The only spot where I have trouble flossing is between my upper molar and premolar. My guess is that there is a cavity. I've also experienced dry mouth, gum discomfort under my mandibular teeth (I thing they were shrinking), frequent muscle twitching and night sweats which I initially thought it was because of some tooth infection (even though I didn't had any absces), but now I feel my submandibular glands swollen a little and I think my night sweats was because of salivary gland infection. I also frequently get swollen gums, mostly in the lingual surface of the upper gums and it's not because I have tartar, I can clearly see that I don't. I guess bacteria it is to blame. I also have an weak immune system, I don't know if that has something to do with all of my teeth and gum issues.
I've been to 3 different dentists, one of which I've explain what happened and didn't want to restore my teeth (actually she choose to pretend that she sees nothing wrong and said that my upper right first premolar is completely healthy), the other 2, I didn't explain what happened and choose to restore them. I have an appointment in few days and I don't know what to do. Now that I identified some of the problems (or at least that's what I think) I switched back to medium toothbrush, I use dental floss and mouthwash, plus salt water rinses and I take cod liver oil tablets with vitamin d and a, and I drink more tap water, can I hope for a change on my teeth? What does the x ray and photos say? I don't want to make a mistake and restore a tooth which has the potential to remineralize. What does it mean when the tooth looks black from the inside, the dentin is infected? If so, infected dentin can remineralize? Should I restore them? Should I see another dentist? I have decay (white and brown opaque lines, not black like cavitated occlusal caries) at the gum line between all of my upper teeth, looks like it's starting surrounding them.


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