Intermittent strong pain after first half of root canal treatment


Nov 8, 2015
Hi, I've recently had the first half of some root canal surgery on one of my molars on the right hand side of my lower jaw (drilled, remove pulp with the file wire things, packed with antiseptic gause and a temporary filling)

The issue I'm having is a sharp unbearable pain about 2 or 3 times per day since the surgery that lasts for an hour or two, then gradually disappears, this pain is worse actually around the tooth, but also under the back and along the sides of my tongue near the tooth.

My question is, is this normal, and will this pain continue until the second part of my treatment, or will this ease off? Today will be the fourth day of this issue, and I appreciate that it may still be healing, but my second appointment isn't for another 22 days, and I'm not sure I can cope with it for that long, so I'm just after.some reassurance that nothing odd is going on that I need to see the dentist about, and that this pain will stop after a short time

Thanks for your time,



Nov 6, 2015
Hi ben,
i am not dentist. i also had root canal and got the same pain what you are getting.
but as per my exprience this pain is appear for that day only when dentist perform drilling or cleaning
on the next day your teeth will be in normal state.

If pain is still appear on next day then you may need to visit your dentist.

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