Inside the Cheek and gum area hurts

Feb 11, 2019
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Hello doctors,

I have extracted my upper wisdom tooth in July. It was healing normally. I see some hard bump on the gum in August.i went back to OMFS and he said to wait till it absorb on it's own or to come back after 2 weeks. I was waiting and watch if it absorb on it's own.
I was dealing with lower jaw and neck pain. So I didn't check this out for a long time. I went back day before yesterday and he did shave it down. He put anesthesia 3 shots and scraped it so hard and did stiches. I didn't have stiches for the extraction done in July. This is the first time I had stitches.

Since yesterday, I feel very sore pain in the top of the gum area and inside the cheek where it meets the extraction site. I feel some scratches on both the area when I run over my tongue over it. The inside of cheek where is meets the extraction site is sore and not smooth when run over the tongue. I feel some scratches. Also the top of the gum area. Is this normal after that procedure? I didn't have this soreness and pain after the extraction. It's sore now. Is this normal?

Attached is the Google image. The spot marked is the area I am referring in the wisdom tooth extraction area and the inside cheek area where it meets the extraction site. The gum hurts more on the extraction site. Don't know if it's because of anesthesia shots or the scraping done. I am taking ibuprofen OTC.




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