Incisor with a long history of purulent root – is a bone graft feasible?

Aug 9, 2016

I have had a bone graft surgery six months ago. It was an upper incisor number 9. The tooth in question had been dead for more than a decade before I finally decided to have it extracted. As, after it had died, apart from some periodical pulsations it did not cause pain, I neglected it for a long time. It was because of general health considerations that I at last made up my mind to have it taken out. By the way, it offered very little resistance to the dentist’s forceps. But, as one image stands for a thousand words, as the Chinese put it, I will try to upload the two X-rays showing the site before and after the extraction. There is an interval of about two years between the two, the time I hesitated as to the best course to take. My question is, whether bone grafting is possible at all at an extraction site where the surrounding bone is to such a degree decayed. The dentist told me that the outcome was not guaranteed, but all the same undertook the operation. I will have to return to him in two months, and I just want to have some independent expert opinion.

Another question in the same context: The dentist advised me not to wear any temporary place holding replacement because the pressure might cause the graft to fail. I wonder whether the two adjacent teeth will not gradually close the gap, especially if the graft fails. Even if it takes, is the bone formation itself at the graft site sufficient to prevent the two teeth from moving closer?

After 20170117 15-46-17.jpg
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