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Feb 28, 2015
My story is quite long so i will try to make it shorter.
A year ago my dentist put me two crowns , a short time later i started to feel ache in my jaw mauscles and other muscles in my face.
This ache made my life miserable.
I had no clue what causing this pain so i went to all kind of proffesionals . none of them helped me. At the same time i started to read articles related to my pain . As time passed i was more and more sure it's related to my crowns. I have to mention that most of the pressure i felt was above those crouns.

So i went back to my dentist , told him everything , he sent me to take panoramic photo (which is added to the message) , and told me that there no connection between the pain and the crowns.
I went to other Doctor who told me the same.

I got very fraustrated because i was almost sure it because of the crowns.
Then i did something irresponsible and start cutting between the crown on my left side of the mouth and the teeth near. As i was cutting the pressure went down and after a few days there was no pressure in my muscles.

i added the panoramic photo and my question is - "is it seen by this photo the pressure i felt (look at the crown on the left of my mouth and its connections to the near teeth)



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Verified Dentist
Sep 26, 2014
Any high points (raised points) on a filling or a crown can also lead to muscular and temperomandibular pain. Its better assessed in a dental office using simple articulating papers than a costly OPG radiograph.Radiographs help to detect any underlying pathologies.

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