Implant Candidate??

Oct 27, 2008
Implant vs Bridge


I'm 26 years old and have recently found out I have aggressive periodontitis, which is localized in one of my front bottom teeth. This all came as a shock and I just moved to Hong Kong so I'm a little worried about the standard of care here.

I am currently seeing a periodontist who said the probing depth is 10mm and its M1 mobility. He had me put on cordosyl gel every night for the past month, but said there is too much damage and I'll need surgery to clean it out. He also did a test and found out the tooth is now dead and has to be extracted.

He said I'm not a candidate for an implant though because there is no supporting bone left. I wanted to ask if there is any way to get an implant when this is the case. Maybe with a bone graft or something. I'm worried about getting a bridge at my age and damaging the adjacent teeth or would a bridge be better. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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