Impacted Teeth Wisdom Teeth Underneath

Oct 25, 2020
Hi There,

I need some serious dental advice as I’m not sure what my options are and I don’t fully trust some of my dentists.

so I’m pretty sure the majority of my wisdom teeth haven’t come through what I gather from thexrays I have been shown I have 2/3 teeth on each side at at back of my mouth that haven’t come through- now that I’m 30 this is starting to cause problems to the point one of my teeth the first molar towards the front on the left (baby tooth is loose and starting to become damaged as one of the adult teeth is pushing underneath it.

I have an appointment on Friday and I’m pretty sure they are just going to fill this baby tooth - if they don’t it will be extracted and leave a gap with a half pertruding adult tooth ...

With the teeth at the back of my mouth lying underneath baby teeth on both sides I really would like to know what options I have for some serious treatment -

my concerns are the following - if they all got taken out would veneers be possible as the adult teeth are underneath ?

would crowning be suitable to protect the other teeth as they are only baby ones ?

Any help would be much appreciated I’m just terrified of having gaps in my teeth / not being able to rectify them

thanks all



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