I will extract two wisdom teeth – can I suffer changes in my appearance in the long term?

Sep 8, 2017
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Hello. First of all, I’m from Portugal and english is not my native language, so forgive me if I make some mistakes, I’ll try to make myself clear.

In four days I will get two of my wisdom teeth removed (left side). I already took out the two on the right side. The thing is:
My face isn’t symmetrical, my upper jaw seems to be a little more to the right side, I have a marked gummy smile and some of the characteristics of the Adenoide Facies, I think, as I have always been a mouth breather - but no one ever diagnosed me with that, although an orthodontist once told me about ortognatic surjery to correct my asymmetry and gummy smile. She told me it was nothing severe, but if I wanted to, this would be the only way to correct this problems. Maybe because of all this I started researchig and noticing that it seems like my cheeks are flat, not chubby at all, and that my face is too thin and long.

SO… I’m worried that extracting this two wisdom teeth will make my face look even thinner, and improve the cavity I have on the left side (wich is more prominent than the one I have on the right side, probably because my jaw is diverted (?). I never noticed any difference on the right side after I removed the wisdom teeth, but I was not so careful as I am now, back then – as I said, the right side is not so thin as the left side, even without the wisdom teeth, and this makes me hopeful that removing the ones from the left side won’t make my appearence change for the worse.

To complete, here’s some more info: My wisdom teeth are/were all “within” the gums, sloping, almost lied down, and the last one I took out was even a bit “inside” the bone. So, they are all completely covered.
I wear braces, and the reason I need to take out the wisdom teeth is only preventive, but my dentist says it’s very important to remove them, so I won’t get in trouble in future.

I have some photos, I don’t know if they can help in some way, but I can upload them if necessary (they are mirrored, because they are selfies!!).


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