I went to my Dentist showing signs of reversible pulpitis but it's not pulpitis?

Jan 17, 2015
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Hi, a couple of weeks ago my left canine became very sensitive to colds, but only painful for about 1 or 2 seconds after the cold food or drink was applied to the tooth. And right after that time it became sensitive to pressure. If I bite down or push on it I can feel a very dull, small pain above the tooth. Nothing severe, just mildly annoying.

After freaking out I googled around, and I found that I was displaying the same symptoms as reversible pulpitis (I know I'm not a dentist but I wanted to know.) So I made an appointment with my dentist, went in and explained what is going on.

He took an xray and did some grind tests and he agreed with me that the symptoms I was describing were similar to an infection of the nerve. But he looked at the xray and said that the nerve looks fine, and that the filling I have in that tooth looks fine too. He then proceeded to grind away at the bottom of the tooth as he thought that the tenderness may be caused my grinding the tooth at night or something similar, because both the nerve looked fine and the filling looked fine.

Now like I said, there is a filling there, it's about two years old. I am ALMOST certain, it's very hard tot ell, but I am almost certain that the sensitivity to colds occurs right at the filling. So I feel like that is the cause of the sensitivity. However, I cant stop stressing out about the tenderness issue. I really don't want to have to do a root canal procedure, as I just don't have the money for it, and if it IS an infection, I want to deal with it before it gets worse and I HAVE to do a root canal.

My dentist was perplexed by the issue, he said he cant understand what it can be if the nerve looks and responds fine.

But if the xray looks fine, what are the chances that the filling replacement will solve that? what can I do/ask my dentist.

Sorry if I have not addressed something, or forgotten something. This is my first post.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated


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