I need some help

Nov 9, 2014
hi ,
does anyone know how competitive or hard it is to get accepted into dental hygiene programs in CA?
I know of a few programs, but I don't know if they are hard to get into.
Are dental hygiene programs just as competitive as nursing or is it less competitive?
Is it easy to find a dentist to shadow and see what they do? I think this is a requirement for some programs as volunteering experience.
also, once you graduate from dental hygiene school is it hard to find a job? How long does it take to get a job? Will it be hard to find a dental hygiene job like nursing in CA? I hear that nursing grads take a year or more to find jobs in CA...
How hard is the board license exam for dental hygiene? how many parts are there?
What kind of job can students do while in school to gain experience for the real dental hygiene job? Does anyone recommend working while in school? how busy are the students during the program?

Thank you!


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