I am diagnosed with Mucositis

Apr 24, 2022
Hello Dr Finally , since last 3 months i am looking for what causing a slight red and weird shape inside my mouth medial to upper molar teeth.

After visiting atleast 5 dentist , than a Oral medicine and radiologist . They all presrcibed me Vitamins and calcium tablets but I am there to get the answer WHAT THIS RED THING INSIDE MY MOUTH which is slowly increasing .

So I decided to visit my city CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE ORAL SCREENING OPD ( i came to know that my city cancer research institute has a clinic which do totally free of cost weekly checkup for possible Oral cancer early detection screening )

When I reached there , I loved to see the way Doctors listened me , they looked into my mouth and immediatly The doctor who is a well known ONCOLOGIST he said Dont worry I am sure its oral Mucositis and confirmed diagnosis will be available by next 3 days

After 5 days , his office called me and said its ORAL MUCOSITIS and i have horizontal bone loss with PDL widening ( palatal root ) .

Now i am waiting for my next follow up but for the moment i just want to know what should i do for the moment !

My next appointment with that doctor is 27 May 2022 .


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