How to slow down a cavity?


May 10, 2021
Please be kind because I'm scared to death. A few days ago I noticed my lower incisor has a grayish spot, it was sensitive to drinks, then I noticed brown colour on the edges, I suppose that's cavity and I have it everywhere on almost all front teeth?? I have had a lot of fillings, but never on the front teeth. Also now everything kind of hurts, my jaw also. I have an appointment in 4 days and I'm willing to pay whatever but it's really hard to get an appointment right now (I can't risk with random dentist though). I also know it won't be possible to do everything in one day, if there's many cavities, it'll take weeks. So my question, what can I do to stop spreading the cavities too fast?


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

On the Panoramic radio-graph it doesn't look like you have cavities on your front teeth, although sometimes a peri-apical x-ray would have given more information. It might be that you have areas where the enamel is very thin and translucent and then it appears grey. This could cause them to feel sensitive. The brown might only be staining. It is best to see the dentist to evaluate if there are indeed cavities. Cavities are best prevented by good oral hygiene i.e brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and regular flossing. The jaw pain could be unrelated, and rather be due to grinding at night. Your dentist will give you more information if this is the issue.

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