How to find dentist offices to intern or work at?

Sep 9, 2014
I recently started school up again and this will be my last semester here at LSU. My father and mother have suggested I start NOW looking for a local dentist to intern or work for. I called a few places and getting kind if discouraged because it seems no one wants to take me on. :\

I have been using LocalMed to find local dentists to apply to but just wondering if anyone else has some other websites I can get dentists names from besides LM, Google, or ?

Thanks so much and always remember to SMILE! :)
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Sep 24, 2014
Going to craigslist is always a good option :)
You might be surprised of how many dental clinics offering jobs there. If you failed to find the internship, at least you can collect the number of these dental offices. You can then call or visit them personally to ask whether they have an internship program or not. Hope this help!

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