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Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by FluxMode, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Jan 8, 2018
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    Hello, i was wondering if i should visit Dentist ASAP or it may solve on its own, so here's some kind of timeline of the symptoms/progression.

    ( ~Q4 2017 ):
    Tooth got a hole in it and first pains has started, the pain was pretty bad at some moments, but it usually went away after few hours and was completely gone for few months w/o any other symptoms.

    Day 1 ( 1/5/2018 ):
    Out of nowhere the pain came back, this time very strong ( would rate it 9/10 - breathtaking and paralyzing ) severe "stabbing" pain in the neck like some nail would be stuck in, similiar pain just over my ear, pulsating pain in right ear and overall diffuse pain on the tooth region ( cheek ) and some milder shooting pains on the jaw itself ( in the canals if im right ).

    Was using tooth paste to fill the hole ( probs thats a bad idea, but it worked a bit ).

    Day 2 ( 1/6/2018 ):

    The pain bit less intensive this time ( would rate 8/10 ) so i was searching for an home remedies, found an ice cube way which helped but for short period of time, later found the Garlic way, after putting garlic the pain completely gone after like 20sec, only the burning pain from garlic was left, holded it for like 20minutes and removed - no more pain besides few random shooting sharp pains in the jaw/neck/head.

    Day 3 ( 1/7/2018 ):

    Same thing, pain is almost gone, still some random shooting sharp pains in the jaw and some momentary pains in the tooth area ( cheek ).

    Day 4 ( Now ):

    Same as Day 3, pain almost gone even more, still some random shooting pains but way less. Also i've noticed few things: my gums and flesh of the cheek are white now ( i guess its from the garlic burning ). Also when i bite stronger or try to move the tooth with my tongue i get some kind of momentary diffuse pain ( similiar to that one with loose tooth, nerve pain i guess ).

    Any ideas if treatment ASAP is necessary or it can somewhat heal on its own by adjusting my diet to avoid sugars, grains etc and using some more garlic?
    The problem is that im currently low on money and the dentist can charge up to 200euros or even more.

    All i want to know is know far the injection went and if i should be worried about it getting into blood ? ( based on current symptoms i doubt it has that high chance ).

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    FluxMode, Jan 8, 2018
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