How many appointments to treat severe gum disease?

Discussion in 'Periodontics' started by mjar109, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. mjar109


    Nov 30, 2012
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    I was diagnosed with gum disease and referred to a periodontist. I had the initial consultation which showed where I had bone loss. The first step would be to do a deep cleaning with four appointments (one for each quadrant). After that, I know I will need gum flap surgery and bone grafts. My question is would this most likely be done across 4 appointments also (one per quadrant)? What about gum graft surgery? Will this be done after the gum flap surgery is complete?

    I'm just curious. I would like to hear from others who have gone through this as well as other dentists. I just want to know how many appointments that I can expect to be looking at after the deep cleaning is done and over what period of time (i.e. number of weeks or months).
    I know after that, I will be coming back for maintenance every 3 months.
    I just want to know how many visits I can expect this to take. Part of me would like to do everything at one time and be done with it, but I know that it is not that simple.
    mjar109, Nov 30, 2012
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  2. mjar109


    Dec 17, 2012
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    I am sorry to hear you are going through all that.
    If you need a surgery in each quadrant, most likely you will have at least 5 more appointments after done with the debridment/scaling (the deep cleaning you refered to).
    But each professional thinks slightly different and each scenario is also very particular. So that is just a guesstimate.
    The most important thing, is after healing from all the procedures, you take responsibility for your health and take good care of your oral cleaning so you won't ever have to do it again.

    should you need some info:

    Gum Disease Treatment Bert The Dentist

    best of luck!
    Bert, Dec 19, 2012
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