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Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by wxxre, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. wxxre

    wxxre Guest

    How long does it take for a tooth extraction to heal? I had my tooth pulled
    out (lower number 5) a month ago, the hole still hasn't closed, and it still
    hurts. It even seems as though this last week it has been hurting me more
    than before! Otherwise, there are no signs of inflammation, it doesn't seem
    to be swollen - the extraction site (hole) looks clean, no puss or anything
    like that, but it really hurts - dull, long-lasting pain, sometimes very
    faintly, but at its worst it feels as if my whole jaw on that side is
    hurting. The other day it started hurting after I just took a sip of juice.
    I have heard of "dry socket" but I don't think I have that because I would
    have noticed that earlier (by the intense pain, I suppose), wouldn't I?
    I had some trouble with the tooth for a long time before I finally got it
    pulled out - a recurring (actually constant) gum boil, apicotomy, a big
    paradontal pocket, curettage, until my dentist finally took it out and saw
    that it was cracked (the part under the gumline). So, I'm being told that
    it's no wonder it's taking me some more time to heal - but still, I'm kinda
    anxious about it. (After the tooth has come out, the gum boil has finally

    (BTW, I don't know whether this is important but the tooth next to it is
    missing too, it was extracted together with a cyst underneath it a couple of
    years ago) - I guess the whole jaw is disfigured by now... - my oral surgeon
    made a panoramic x-ray of my teeth/jaw last in late March/April this year
    after the apicotomy, so before the extraction, and everything else seemed to
    be just fine.

    Thanks in advance for any replies, suggestions, encouragements...
    wxxre, Jul 1, 2005
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  2. wxxre

    james Guest

    Or say "to hell with all the numbering schemes" and refer to each tooth
    by name. Everybody has to mentally map the numbers to actual teeth,
    anyway. Might as well save them the trouble.
    james, Jul 2, 2005
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  3. wxxre

    W_B Guest

    OK then you get a note from the 'ortho' to extract Barney.
    W_B, Jul 5, 2005
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