How long does it take to heal after the wisdom tooth removal?

Feb 11, 2019
I have extracted the upper right wisdom tooth on July 2nd. It's been a month and a half. I didn't have any stitches.
I went for a follow-up after 2 weeks and OS said it's looking good and taken a xray to check.

I feel some sharp and sore pain whenever I eat some hot food on the extraction site since last week. I couldn't see the site in the mirror.its too far.

I ran over my tongue over the extraction site and it looks closed and I feel some gap between the second molar and the third molar gap which is very hard. But the gap between two feels not hard and feels like a gap in between. Is this normal? How long does it take to close completely? All the area should feel hard when we run over the tongue?
I also see a white pimple like boil blister on the gum of the extraction site. Its been there for past 2 weeks. I have some lower jaw pain under the earlobe for 3.months and I extracted the upper wisdom tooth as dentist said that could be the reason. But my symptoms got worse after the extraction.
I still have the lower jaw pain.
Is the gap between the molars take time to get hard?
I couldn't differentiate if I get any pain from the extraction site now since I have TMJ issue and pain in the lower jaw and in front of the ear. It's so painful.
Do I need to go back to dentist to check this or is this normal?

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