How do I find a specialist for my problem?

Aug 29, 2014
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I believe I have a bite problem that is seriously damaging some of my teeth. Several years ago I had a bridge made. I have never felt as though the bridge was biting soundly against the opposing teeth. The dentist who did the work insisted my teeth were closing together just fine. So I lived with the sensation that they were not and did most of my chewing on the opposite side.

Now I discover that a couple of teeth on the opposite side where I do most my chewing are damaged. A large tooth on the bottom that had a root canal and crown long long ago has swollen gum on the cheek side. My current dentist (he's new to me) says this is most likely due to a fracture that cannot be seen with xray. He says the bone has receeded slightly from the root. He recommends pulling this tooth. This is a major chewing tooth I would be sorry to lose. And I am concerned about the prospect of another bridge or an implant.

Another tooth on that same side, on top toward the front, also has a crown. This tooth is slightly loose, but there is no gum issue or damage otherwise. My dentist says something seems to be damaging the teeth on this side. (Remember, this is opposite the bridge that doesn't feel like it closes.)

My home care is immaculate. I floss after each meal and use a Sonacare toothbrush. I do not have any issues with my gums or cleanliness of my teeth.

#1.) What kind of specialist should I see to evaluate my bite?

#2.) Should I get a second opinion about pulling the tooth with the swollen gum and the "fracture" that cannot be seen with xray?

Please help!


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