High abscess after apicoectomy

Feb 15, 2013

I chipped my top front tooth (tooth A) at some point and after a few years it was turning blue. The dentist told me it was dead and he did a root canal and put a cap on it. The cap wasn't fitting so well so he drilled the neighboring top tooth a little to make room (I only mention this because sometimes I wonder if this messed up the neighbor). By the neighboring tooth I don't mean the other front tooth, but the neighbor on the other side (at the top). Call it tooth B.

Then after a couple of years, I got an abscess on my gum above tooth B. It wasn't painful at all. I thought it was just a pimple and went to the dentist only after it went and came back a few times. The dentist tested whether I felt pain in that tooth and I didn't. X-ray showed an infection. The dentist said it was dead and did a root canal. No cap. She said the infection isn't so big and since I was breastfeeding my son, she said no need for antibiotics.

A couple of weeks later the abscess returned, so I went back to the dentist. She referred me to a dental surgeon, who did an apicoectomy on tooth B. No antibiotics needed again.


Now 10 months later, I have an abscess again. No pain. But it's at a higher location than before. It is above the scar of the apicoectomy and closer to tooth A. It is like right next to that part of the gum which connects to the lips.


What do you think? Where is the infection? What should I do? Obviously I'll go back to the dentist but what will happen?
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