Help With Chip In Tooth

Feb 24, 2021
So I have a chip in my tooth that occurred a few years ago, got temporarily filled which has since fallen out, I am not financially able to fix it the proper way at the moment so I am looking for something I can do in the meantime to hide it so to speak, obviously something too white would show too much so I’m not sure what to do, just looking for a cheap way to fix it, have about £100 if that helps.
Pretty self conscious about it so any help would really be appreciated!

Thanks, Will



Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Unfortunately cheap is not always the best. Rather save up the money to get it fixed properly by a dentist. If it is a front chip, it can be rather tricky to fix sometimes. Otherwise you might end up seeking cheap solutions, that don't last, and it eventually adds up to more than just doing it right the first time around.

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