Help my gums pls...

Aug 28, 2015
Hello. I really have a bad period with my mouth.. 12 days ago I was at the dentist because I had a problem when I was eating sugar or chocolate, my right bottom teteths was hurting., so I payed a visit to the dentist. he told me that my last moral from the upper part in the right was decayed. He got it out and I was bleeding for like 2-3days... After that, my gums started to get so pupped up and so infected, that it hurts. Its constant bleeding from a part or another part. I cant eat to much, Its hard for me to speak because it hurts me. Every morning I wake up my mouth is full of blood and saliva. I drool alote I don't know why it started to drool alote and my breath is killing me. I went to doctors and dentist and they all refused me I don't know why. the last doctor told me 3 days ago to get Elugel and Eludril mouthwash. The medic system in Romania is just incompetent... Please help me. My eyes are hurting and my head, I cant rest at night I sleep like 2 hours.. and I just keep swallowing blood. Please tell me what to do... I will upload photos soon


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