Help from dentist please

Feb 1, 2022
Look at the area in picture

Tue entire palate was red , many painfull pimple like thing on the area , painfull and a burning sensation at first in December first week 2021 . ENT dept doctor checked me prescribed medicines and i got relief from pain than redness , burning sensation kept irritating me till feb 2022 . Than this marked area feels slight soft swellon like a small pimple and its painfull when i touch with my tongue

ENT made a comment on January visit that My 18 and 17 teeth need to be extracted these two are the source of infection . So i did that

But now this area keeps me irritate , when i eat something , when i touch with tongue .

I want for any surgical procedure to treat this as No gel , Vitamin working to relief of this from DECEMBER till now . Symtoms like painful redness gone , all other pimple like swellings gone except this . Till Feb this things kept me irritating round tge clock , but now it irritates me only when it comes to contact of any food or my tounge

I cant handle it anymore

Teeth extraction also traumatized due to one dentist error .

She said teeth extracted ( 21 December 2021 ) of 18 but later 3 weeks i came to know that roots are still there , I was like WHAT !!! Than another dentist extracted roots in January last week but my pain increased than on 19 Feb 2022 , My friend who used to be a radiologist asked about my healt i said all thing to him he immediatly did a CBCT maxilla and found a root stump is in possition of near to furcation area of 17 causing endo perio lesion and a very small palatal root stump of 18 seen

I was like What the hell is this . I also checked my CBCT .
the situation was that without exrraction of 17 dentist unable to remove 18 root stump along with 17 PDL widening along with 17 palatal root . Trauma etc

I agreee to remove 17 as well

But my palate issue at the marked area still irritates me . I am worried

All said its nothing but I wanted to have a surgical procedure to remove the irritating area now even I said Do a surgical excession with biopsy .

But dentist seems to be like Nothing there



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