HELP - Extracting Teeth for Braces

Apr 16, 2021
I am currently 21 yo and looking to get braces as my top line is 3mm to the left. This is due to the removal of a lateral incisor on that side when I was around 15/16 yo. Whilst I do not regret this as it was bulging out my mouth at the time I am now being told that to get braces and make everything align I will need to opposite top later incisor tooth on the right side of the top removed as well.

As well as this due to a cluster at the bottom i have been told the recommendation is that two are removed at the bottom in addition to the one on the top leaving the total teeth removed to three. This feels like a lot of teeth to me and any negatives/positives/potential issues in the future that anybody could point my way would help me make my decision a lot easier.


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