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May 13, 2017
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i have been having infection issues due to a dead upper front tooth. Which reinfected an previous root cannel right beside it. My face was swollen, I went on antibiotics, (amoxicillin), no change went back to the dentist and they drained the infection again, and switched me onto stronger antibiotics. Left my tooth open to drain for a week or two. The swelling was down a lot, just a slight bit to the right of my nose. My next return was to close them up. He closed up the one tooth that was good, as he was in the process of filling the other, I just had severe pain starting beside my nose and spreading down through my check. The dentist had no idea what was happening, his exact words, "that is impossible, we are not doing anything right now". Eventually he believed me and started trying to find the cause, he started blowing air into the hole, I assume to clean it out. The pain continued, were talking 9/10, and my face was frozen. Then I felt my cheek begin to expand, after I got him to stop. I told him my check had been blowing up like a balloon. He said the infection had to have connected in my sinuses, he worked out a large about of infection in my check. I went home, no antibiotics, pain killers or anything. I ended up in the hospital with unbelievable pain, was put on iv, gravel, 2 doses of morphine. Finally my pain was managed. My face looked as if I had bit hit by a truck. I had a large amount of air pockets in my head, on the right side of my face, in my check, around my eye, and around my ear all the way up into the scalp. They even did CT scan on my head, to see the air pockets and if I had any muscle damage in my face. They said no infection, no muscle damage. But my dentist said he had worked out a large infection from my check... A couple days later, my face is still swollen I went to my family doctor who said that the air bubbles should be absorbed into my body eventually, and I just needed to watch that the infection doesn't follow the airs path up around my eye ear area. I am monitoring my temperature, I have had diarrhea for a few days, with lots of farting... meanwhile my face is still swollen, and I am still taking tramacet to manage my pain. I need a second opinion, or someone who has seen this before, because three ER doctors, my family doctor, and my dentist (over 40years of experience), and dental assistant have never seen this before.

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