Help! Crown Lengthening necessary?

Dec 6, 2010
I have had a crown on tooth #14 for a year, with no root canal (it was a big filling). The gum has been bothering me, bleeding when I floss, some puss. I went to a new dentist, who said the crown is not situated properly: it has a gap that is allowing bacteria to get trapped and grow in there, and there is no way for me to keep it clean. He said it needs to be replaced, and I will need crown lengthening surgery. (He says the crown next to it on #15, which was a root canal, has the same problem and needs the same treatment, but that tooth hasn't been bothering me). I am literally going to have to put this on about 5 credit cards right at Christmas time. He is a good dentist in La Jolla, CA, who has been there for a long time and has good reviews from patients on Yelp haha. Do I spend $75 I don't have to get a second opinion, or does this sound right and I just go for it and use the $75 towarads the $750 I have to pay for the crown/surgery? Don't mean to put you on the spot, I won't hold you to it, I am just asking for opinions..... I tried to attach the Xrays to this message, but they are a TIF file not a jpeg file and the forum won't let me attach them to the message. If you are interested enough haha, I can email you the xray....


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