Hello from South Yorkshire!

Nov 10, 2015

I've signed up as I'm having a problem at the dentist and just wondered if anyone else suffers the same issue.

My problem is related to the "slow" drill - pardon my misuse of terminology, I'm sure it has a proper name!

I cannot stand the thing, it's like someone has taken a hammer drill directly to my skull and the noise is pain full, I can't quite tell where the noise sounds like it is coming from but perhaps somewhere around the back of my head. My dentist also used a sort of sanding wheel to dress and grind a filling in to shape and that was another death rattle in my brain.

I should point out that I have grown up with numerous inner ear problems and deafness, I'm not sure if that's related somehow although i presume it is.

The faster drill, absolutely fine bar when my dentist is trying to make up time by digging to deep with it, and I get what feels like a pin point burn or hot spot that's quite painful but tolerable.

I also recently found out that the noise of eating for most people doesn't drown out everything around them, if I'm eating cornflakes for example, I can no longer follow a conversation, I would struggle to hear someone talking loudly at me from right next to me!

I just wondered if anyone else suffers this problem or if any professionals recognize this. My Dentist who is quite young has never seen or heard of this. My child hood dentist who was exceptional didn't say anything to my parents at that time but was very aware of the discomfort - I recently went back to the dentist after 10-15 years assuming it was just child hood fear and not real pain - oh boy, I was wrong!


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