Healing Dentures

Feb 25, 2021
3 days ago I got my lower teeth pulled for a denture. I kept my teeth longer than I should have, unwilling to let them go. I was in a bad car wreck years ago and had extensive work done to try to prolong them. I knew at the time it wouldn’t last. They were cracked below the gum line. The top teeth were pulled right away.
I went and got the bottom teeth 3 days ago and now have a “ healing lower denture”. Later will get a better lasting denture.
My question is more for clarity. I am getting mixed info from my dentist and his tech. My dentist told me to leave it in all the time. To remove it to rinse and gently wash my mouth and clean the denture. But not more than 5 minutes or my gums will swell.
He said that the following day after the procedure.
Same day, after he left the room. His tech, a middle aged woman, who was helping me with adjusting my denture to fit and feel better. Tight spots or areas rubbing or poking, etc. She went to reach into my mouth without asking or any warning and was rough. I naturally pull away and say no. I will remove them. She again makes a grab at my mouth.This time causing me pain. I cursed under my breath. I told her my mouth is very delicate I will do it. I handed them to her.
She fixed a couple of spots and handed them back for me to try, I got my eye on her. She leans in close and tells me “healing dentures do not actually help you heal. They are so people who don’t have any teeth feel better about themselves.” I thought about that for a second and of course dentures do serve the purpose of helping you eat as well. I told her that. That I am concerned about food getting into my wounds where they were pulled . But she said no.
Before I left she said “Don’t sleep with your dentures in at night. Leave them out at all night. You will heal faster. ”
I told her it’s only been one day. This was my second day.
She said “ They don’t help you heal. Leave them out.”
I chose to not listen to her. I have left them in ss the doctor directed. But I am not sure how to proceed with her. Or if I should trust her at this point. I read they need to be in constantly for the first 3-5 days. I have a few stitches but mostly gelled up clotting. I would call my dentist but have no way of knowing if the answer is hers or from him. Does anyone know???????


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day.

An immediate set of dentures should be worn as much as possible for the first week, even when sleeping at night. Your dentist was correct, when he advised you to only take it out after meals to clean it as well as to rinse your mouth and wounds.
The tissues need to adapt to the form of the denture.
I have seen cases where patients left the dentures out at night and then they were unable to put them back in the following morning.
The pressure of the denture on the wounds, actually helps the post-op bleeding to cease and speeds up recovery.
Listen to your dentist and not the technician.

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