He unknowingly shaved down my teeth and now my teeth are getting crooked again too

Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by Dentalpt1234, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Aug 12, 2015
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    I decided to get braces for the mere fact that my one bottom front tooth was turning sideways. I had the 6 month smile program done by a local dentist (in NYS). I had the braces on for 7 months (extra month because they were too busy the last month to take them off.)

    I went back a couple days later for a cleaning after the removal. The dentist who had worked on the braces for the past seven months came in after the cleaning to buff away some residual cement found by the hygienist. I asked him when would the tenderness eventually subside. He didn't answer but continued working in my mouth. He finished and asked if it felt better. I bit down and it did feel a little better. Before I could ask what he did, he just left the room. When I got to the car, I tried to push my retainer on all the way, because it didn't seem to want to go on all the way. That's when I realized he had shaved my four bottom front teeth down! He never discussed it with me or told me after.
    I decided to call the next day since I was so upset and needed to collect myself. At first the receptionist said he didn't do anything. But when I came in, they had a hygienist explain why he had done i,t but couldn't offer a reason for not discussing it with me. Another dentist had to come in and polish them off so they weren't so rough. (They weren't going to do that unless I had said something?)

    Fast forward to present, about 2 months later. My retainer was never re-done, so the mold is still from before the shaving. (I had expected them to make a new one but they did not. Although they did give me two extra retainers) My teeth are beginning to shift and look crooked slightly. (I wear my retainer every night and it does not feel tight) I suspect this is due to the fact there is extra space on top, allowing the teeth to move.
    I have moved out of state...which makes this complicated... but I would like to write the dentist a letter expressing my complete dissatisfaction and requesting a refund. I now have slightly crooked teeth and shaved down teeth that can never be replaced.
    Any input would be appreciated on the matter and if I should request more money due to the fact I will have to have something done if I want to re-straighten my teeth.
    Dentalpt1234, Aug 13, 2015
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