Hard palate still has redness


Mar 23, 2018
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Hi so this is a question about my hard palate. I first noticed this around three years ago but was told by docs etc its nothing to worry about etc. It causes me no pain and never has done apart from giving me anxiety.
However i have forgotten about it for the last three years and decided to check after such a long time and its still there! I have got no where with the nhs. Your opinions will be much appreciated. I would like to add in the morning the lesion is always less pronounced and covered in a white coating which just scrapes off with this redness. The first pic is how it looked 3 years ago and others are now.





Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
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I can't diagnose it only from the image. I can't explain why you had it for 3 years. It appears like an autoimmune response where your body is attacking itself. If it is, the lesion will respond to corticosteroids. Related to it is a response to medication/substance such as new toothpaste, mouth rinse, herbal supplements, cinnamon products, etc. Very rare could it be a sinister lesion such as cancer. The only way to diagnose it is to obtain a tissue sample and examine it under a microscope (biopsy). Is it worth undergoing such an invasive procedure? If any images such as CT scan shows any expansion of the lesion, then it is definitely needed ASAP. If you can identify source(s) of autoimmune responses then you save yourself a lot of trouble and trauma.

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