Gums Are Red, pull/touch the gum and it shows my tooth/white enamel?

Mar 28, 2019
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Hello, I have just visited the dentist last week. She never mentioned anything about gengivitis, but I feel like I show symptoms of having one.

1: Red gums
2: Gums bleeds
3: Gums hurts

Today, my back tooth started to hurt. On each side. My dentist has filled four teeth, since I had some major cacitisc going on. And she cleaned my teeth as well. (Tartar and such.) I told her my gums hurts, but dismissed it as bacterial growth?

She filles both of my back tooth since they had holes in it. Now, it's sensitive. So, I went to the bathroom to check. My gums are extremely red!! So, I touched it, and pulled it a little. And it showed my tooth enamel, but it was still white.

I'm worried, will my teeth drop out? I've been brushing and using mouthwash everyday. And I have anxiety. I've been having nightmares about my tooth/teeth dropping out.

Sorry if it's shaky, I'm just really anxious.
Sorry if it's really yellow, my teeth gets stained really easily.
Ugly teeth pictures.



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