Greetings from Sweden

Jul 11, 2015
Hello all members,

I am new on this forum and curios to hear more about today's status on dental osteomyelitis and dental chronical osteomyelitis. I am well retired after many years as Head of Clinic and an Oral Surgeon at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at a Central Hospital in Sweden. My retirement showed up before I had the chance to finalize my thesis on new diagnostic methods for localization of pain foci in the alveolar process, but I managed to publish some articles in scientific journals in Sweden.

My major point was, and is, quite simple: If the patient complains about pain but nothing is to be found on the x-rays, the patient still knows better. Something is still wrong.

I did find a localization method being used by Dr Eugene Ratner, a dentist at the Face Pain Clinic in Brooklyn, New York. His methods made sense to me when I found out about it, and I managed to help numerous patients using it by finding the source of infection in the jaw bone despite the fact that nothing could be identified on their x-rays. You can read about it on my thread on this forum (Oral surgery).

I joined this forum in order to possibly get an update on the issue from you who knows more and certainly to share any knowledge and/or findings that perhaps can be of value. My sincere hope is that it can be of use for dental science in general, and for patients in pain, caused by dental osteomyelitis, in particular.

Looking forward to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Goran Bertoft
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