Full Mouth Extractions and Implants

Jun 8, 2013
Hi All.

My anxiety and stress levels are through the roof right now.

My two front lower teeth #s 24 and 25 have been having root canal symptoms recently. This all started in mid July 2021. My dentist was not able to get me in for an appointment until October 7, 2021. The left one #24 started first. The tooth became chipped when I was eating. The pain started gradually and intermittent at first and then became worse and worse and constant. Now both teeth have pain with hot and cold liquids and foods, sharp pain with hot and cold, the tooth throbs and pain lingers after hot and cold, a constant toothache and pain with biting and chewing.

I saw my dentist three weeks ago. He examined these and the nearby teeth, took x-rays and testing the teeth with endo ice. Both #24 and #25 were positive testing to the endo ice and positive with the tapping on the teeth.

He said the x-rays look fine. No signs of disease or illness other than the one tooth being chipped. He referred me to the endodontist for a consultation and root canal treatment and sent the x-rays to them.

I saw the endodontist for a consult yesterday Tuesday, November 2, 2021. I’ve seen this doctor before and he knows my history. I had a 3D cone beam CT scan performed at this appointment. I also had regular digital x-rays taken of the teeth in the area. He examined teeth numbers 22, 23, 24 and 25. Tooth #22 was normal to all testing. Tooth #23 actually surprised me and hurt the worst at this time. Tooth #23 the doctor told me had a previous root canal treatment, maybe 2-3 years ago. The tooth tested positive to all tests including tapping, gum probing, biting on cotton and cold testing. He showed me the digital x-ray that showed the tooth has extensive damage to the tooth and the surrounding gums. He diagnosed it with External Tooth Root Resorption. I’ve heard this diagnosis a few times before with different teeth. This is considered an auto-immune disease that only affects the teeth. It’s thought to be caused by trauma which in my case is likely the double jaw surgery I had in 2014 in addition to adult braces. He said the previous root canal treatment on #23 is breaking down and no longer helping the tooth. He said that normally he’d recommend a root canal re-treatment but that in this case it would be likely to fail. The tooth is too fragile and weak and he is also concerned about the surrounding gum tissue. This is why the re-treatment is not recommended. His recommendation is to extract this tooth and to replace it with an implant. The implant would be placed 2-3 months after the extraction giving the surgical site time to heal. I may need a bone graft but they won’t know until my dentist sees me.

So teeth #s 24 and 25 are also a possible cause for concern. These teeth did test positive to the tapping and biting on cotton. I did feel cold pain with these teeth also but he said they were within normal ranges at this time. This seemed odd to me because when my dentist tested those two teeth they hurt me a ton with the cold test. The endodontist said that this may be because tooth #23 is hurting me so bad. After #23 has healed from the extraction, about 2 weeks, he wants to see me again to re-test #24 and #25. These teeth may need root canal treatments but it’s hard to know at this time with #23 hurting so badly right next to the other suspect teeth.

As soon as I got all of this news my anxiety and stress levels got out of control. I felt like I wanted to cry in the dental chair. I think I was just in shock at the time.

Right after the appointment I called my dentist and their next opening for an extraction appointment was a month and a half out. I took the appointment and then called around to a couple of Oral Surgeon offices to get their recommendations and appointment availability. The Oral Surgeon has an appointment on Thursday, November 11, 2021 in the afternoon. They said they could do a consult and treatment in the same day. They could also do my implant later on. I took this appointment and cancelled the other one. This tooth #23 is hurting me so bad that I just can’t wait any longer. The office does offer Nitrous Oxide which I told them I want to use for this appointment. It’s the only way I can get through dental treatment without having a panic attack.

The Endodontist is also very concerned about my gums around this tooth #23. He measured the pockets at the appointment and that really hurt. I had a bone and gum graft on my six lower front teeth about four years ago and this tooth was part of that. He wants me to see my Periodontist again to re-evaluate this tooth and the rest of the bone and gum graft. We’re hoping the grafts are not failing.

I’ve been alternating taking OTC Tylenol and Aleeve. I was advised several years ago to try to avoid Ibuprofen due to a stomach condition called Gastritis. I was so stressed at the Endodontist appointment that I forgot to ask what to take for pain. I called the next day and they are calling in a prescription of Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen 800 mg. They are aware of the stomach issue and said that taking it short term should not cause any issues.

These teeth are just hurting a lot. The pain is keeping me up and waking me at night. During the day it hurts so bad that I'm distracted at work and during regular daily activities. I'm stressed and anxious not knowing what will happen. I still have these potential root canal treatments hanging over my head.

I’m super anxious, stressed and nervous about meeting a new doctor the Oral Surgeon and of the procedure of the extraction and the future procedure of the implant. I’ve had extractions before but it was 8 teeth at once to prepare for my double jaw surgery so I had IV sedation at that time. I think in comparison the nitrous will work for just one tooth. The appointment is supposed to be 1 hour and 15 minutes for the consult and extraction at the same time.

I’ve never had an implant before so the unknown of a new procedure is really freaking me out. I also plan to use the nitrous for this future procedure.

I was told years ago when I had my first root canal treatment that being that I was so young that the root canals would likely have to be re-treated and the teeth would break down over time causing the need for extractions. I just hoped this wasn’t true and never expected it to happen so soon. I’m afraid this is just the beginning of more future extractions to come.

This auto-immune disorder External Tooth Root Resorption is a rare condition and in my case is very aggressive. This is at least my third diagnosis in 2-3 years.

I've attached the x-ray is anyone is curious. If you look at the tooth #23 you can see the old root canal breaking down. Also if you look for the circle in the middle of the tooth that is the Resorption.

I'm now 4 days post-op from #23 being extracted. I asked the Oral Surgeon about the External Resorption and it's likely progression and prognosis concerning my other teeth. He said that since this disease is very rare and aggressive it's hard to say. He thinks it will likely attack the rest of my teeth one by one leading to root canal treatments and eventually more extractions.

I've already had 18 of my teeth root canaled in 10 years. A lot of these teeth the root canal treatments are begining to fail and causing me pain again.

I have about 10 'healthy' teeth left and right now 7 of them are having pain and signs of illness. Three of them may need root canal treatments but I'm waiting to see the Endodontist this week.

I was told a few years ago that my teeth are so fragile that they will all likely need to be extracted at some point and the root canals don't last forever.

I'm seriously considering full mouth extractions right now. I'm sick and tired of having pain and anxiety about my teeth. If I did this I would have them all replaced with implants.

Has anyone here had experience with full mouth extractions, implants and/or External Tooth Root Resorption?

Feeling very lost, confused and anxious right now.

I just need some support right now. Thank you for listening to me vent.



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