Frustrated and In Pain

Dec 23, 2016
Hi. I went to Aspen Dental (huge mistake) back in May to have five cavities filled. During the filling process of one of the cavities on my right side (also now the filling that causes the most pain) I tasted this vile hot liquid and i poured into the back of my throat; I don't know what that was or if it's relevant to my issues now, however I did no have that experience with the filling process of any other of my cavities. Anywho, fast forward to August and I was still having pain when chewing as well as severe pain when anything remotely sugary came in contact with my teeth, as well as cold sensitivity. I went back to Aspen and they took xrays then just told me I shouldn't be having pain and if I wanted to, I could schedule an appointment for a root canal consult for $100. They were very short with me and I had the distinct feeling that even if they had messed up my teeth and there was something wrong, they wouldn't have admitted it.

Fast forward to now and the chewing sensitivity has gone down some, but I still have immense pain when eating sugary foods and I am suspecting leaky fillings. I am going to get a second opinion from another dentist in my area that owns his own practice. If they are leaky fillings, do you think I'd be able to take the diagnosis back to Aspen and demand my money back? I paid $1200 for these fillings and I am incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed by the fact that I'm going to have to pay twice the amount to get them done right.

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