Flying with a recent crown... HELP

Sep 20, 2015

I went in to have dental work done in July and when they were cleaning they noticed one of my teeth were fractured and it was a tooth that previously had a filling from when I was younger. The dentist decided to fill it with a crown. When he was filling it after being frozen I continued to feel pain. I ended up getting deep freezing about 5-6 needles one by my jaw until I couldnt feel the drilling. He assumed there was an infection so I was put on antibiotics. The same day as the crown was done I had to go on an airplane to fly for vacation. When I asked the dentist about flying he said it would be completely fine. I was frozen pretty much up until we loaded the plane and I was fine until we got in the air. As soon as the plane got off the ground I got an extremely sharp almost like a nerve pain directly in the socket of that tooth. It is a hard pain to describe, almost being shocked by an electric fence. I got 5-6 more shocks during the 3 hour flight and was in complete tears. When the plane landed I thought I was in the clear but the shocks continued for the next 3-4 days. When I pushed a grocery cart, when I was sleeping, when I chewed. I started the anitbiotics and the shocks seemed to go away. when I asked my dentist he said I probably needed my bite adjusted but I never got that done and the shocks went away. I assumed it was an infection but reading online I saw it could have been air in the tooth. I have to fly in 3 days and I am so scared to I am considering taking a train for 70 hours or a bus. I am hoping someone knows the answer to this. Is there medication I can take for this? Can I do something so this doesnt happen again? What was it from?


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