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Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by ricky, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. ricky


    Mar 6, 2019
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    I recently bought for the first time a colgate toothpaste with fluoride and have been using it for a week or so,i've noticed my teeth have been getting stained and really sensitive,i have always used colgate toothpaste but its a first with fluoride,and this has never happened before and after doing some research i read that fluoride can stain your teeth but also prevent cavities(?).

    I always had colouration at the tip of my two front teeth but it was never so noticable before i started using this paste. I am going to switch back to a different toothpaste but will it revert back to how they were? They were quiet nice teeth before,shiny,not blinding white or yellow (just how theyre supposed to be), im really scared that my teeth wont go back to how they were because of the damage fluoride may/can cause to the teeth,hopefully they will be fine since i havent used it for too long.

    What are your toughts on this? Will they go back to how they were or not?

    Thank you,any help i will be internally grateful for.
    ricky, Mar 6, 2019
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  2. ricky


    Dec 6, 2017
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    I've never ever heard that you can stain your teeth with fluoride paste. I can't see how fluoride could permeate enamel. I have read that having fluoride in drinking water can lead to stained teeth in some children if they have too much fluoride during dental development.

    I think what can happen is that some pastes have more abrasives than others. If you go back to using a more gentle formulation that suits you then you should find that your teeth recover. It could just be that you have brushed some imperceptable staining off and when you stop using it the teeth will go back to normal. It's what happens after dental bleaching. Perhaps you tried a whitening colgate formula? I always avoid any paste which mentions whitening.
    Busybee, Mar 6, 2019
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