feeling depressed, please tell me exactly what happens after a tooth extraction

Jan 22, 2016
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I am 22 years old and recently extracted my lower left first molar. I replaced it with a bridge, but lately I've noticed that my jawline is not as defined/strong as it once was. So upon research on tooth extraction, I've been reading things like When teeth are missing, the alveolar bone, or the portion of the jawbone that anchors the teeth in the mouth, no longer receives the necessary stimulation, and begins to break down, or resorb. The body no longer uses or "needs" the jawbone, so it deteriorates and goes away. The rate the bone deteriorates, as well as the amount of bone loss that occurs, varies greatly among individuals. However, most loss occurs within the first eighteen months following the extraction, and continues throughout life. " and "Bone height loss can be up to 1.5 mm in 3 months and decrease in the width of alveolar ridge can be as much as 50 percent within 12 months. Even with complete healing, there is generally some erosion or resorption that can lead to shorter and thinner surrounding bone than compared to prior extraction. This can cause gum tissue defect which can lead to significant cosmetic and functional problems." so now I'm freaking out. If the above were to actually happen I would look a little like my grandma..

no but seriously I've been depressed lately because one of my favorite features is my bold jawline, and having to slowly watch it get sucked away... and look like a potatoe.. isn't something I'd wish on even my enemy.

Advice please :(


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