Feeling bad about myself

Oct 12, 2022
Root canal on #31 - 9/23
Post and Crown on #31 - 9/27
Pain for 4-5 days on #31 - 10/5 to 10/10
Pain for 7+ days on #31 - 10/30 to 11/7
Extraction #31 - 11/7 (No Infection)

I went to the dentist for pain in #31 and they could not find an issue. They adjusted my bite several times, did a percussion test (positive response/soreness/achy), bite test (negative), and cold test (negative).

The Endodontist that performed the RCT could not see an issue on X-rays or CBCT. No infection.

I finally went to oral surgeon who could not see any issues on CBCT I provided from the Endo. He said pain could be from micro fracture or missed accessory canal.

All of the doctors besides the oral made me feel bad for wanting to get the tooth extracted, but I felt like I had no choice. I got the tooth extracted last Monday.

I feel like it has been progressing well. I am keeping up on my hygiene and meds. I do feel slight “heartbeat” in the extraction area throughout the day when I’m more stressed, etc. I also feel discomfort from what I think are the stitches (non dissolving). I am 5 days post op.

I am so afraid that this won’t be the solution to my issues. Can anyone think of what the issue with the tooth could’ve been? I am not feeling any shocks or burning in my face that I read is typical with trigeminal neuralgia.
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