Fast Braces- need help

Aug 29, 2021
I have had the worst experience ever. My braces have been on for three years. I believe this is due to my dentist who is not an orthodontist has neglected me as a patient. I see that he does not take time to really know what’s going on with my case.There are so many things to say about this case. I paid for having my midline fixed and of course my lower teeth fixed. Now he is saying that it’s going to take too much time to fix my midline and he wants to fix it with bonding. If he does bonding and not fixes my midline with braces, like I paid for , my two front teeth will still be off center. I have teeth that are still squished together on both sides. My bite is off. My mouth is leaning more towards the left hand side. My mouth looks like it makes a half frown on the left-hand side when I clench down. One of my teeth on the right hand side has turned which is impossible to chew on my right hand side. We used that tooth to pull my midline . But now with the braces coming off in September I’ll be left with it turned which he said he could fix with a crown . With all this going on, he said we should be done by the end of September. He just now started asking me to wear bands at night to fix my bite. I don’t see how my bite could be fixed in four weeks. I need help and if anyone knows anyone in Sacramento or Elk Grove Ca, can you please refer me to your friend?? I need a second opinion I would really appreciate it and of course I’ll pay. A year and a half ago right before Covid I called around and no one would see me because I have braces already on and they don’t want to take the time to give me a second opinion . I feel like I am in this alone. In the meantime can I please have advice?? There is so much more to the story and so much is been left out as I’m sure you don’t want to read a novel about my bad experience. Thank you


Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
There's not much advice we could give in such a complicated case. I'd strongly suggest you go see an orthodontist before the braces come off. If your general dentist has not achieved what he promised, he may be willing to refund some of the cost so that you can get it corrected by a specialist orthodontist. Is the crown going to be an extra cost that was unplanned?


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