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Discussion in 'Oral Surgery' started by sekagirl, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. sekagirl


    Jan 12, 2018
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    I recently visited my dentist for an infected tooth, this tooth I had already has a dentist appointment with the same dentist to have this tooth removed. well I went to dentist for the infection . in the office I received a total set of mouth x rays done, the x ray did show an issue with involved tooth, the tooth is broken at the gumline, there is clearly seen the root canal white thin post appearance. around the tooth was swollen, red clearly infected. my dentist prescribed amoxicilin 1000 milligrams three time a day, peridex mouth wash.when I inquired for an rx pain medication, dentist gave em an rx for predisone.
    I informed my dentist of the pain I am experiencing is not being relelived by the motrin, tylenol naprosyn that I heve been taking prior to ciming to dentist was not releieving the tooth pain. my dentist did not provide me with a rx for a strong pain medication. I did go by the pharmacy to fill the rx's as per dentist prescribed. the prednisone provided no releif from tooth pain. I called my dentist the next day, informed the dentist that I received no pain releif and if I could receive a prescripton pain medication for dental pain releif. well,the dentist informed me that I should try naprosyn, motrin or tylenol for pain relief. I did not obtain releif from the over the counter suggested medication. I did take the prescribed predisone, peridex mouthwash and amoxicillin medication as prescribed
    3 weeks later I remain on amoxicillin,predisone, and still taking the suggested over the counter pain medication still I remain in pain. I have an appointment with the same dentist to have tooth removed and a bone graft to be done in prep for an implant. I am wondering , since I did not receive any pain releif from the suggested over the counter medication and prescribed medication of amoxicillin peridex mouth wash and predisone , I am considering to canceling all my dentist appointment with this dentist and seek out another dentist. I am not a drug seeker, all I request is a rx pain medication for the couple of days after the tooth extraction
    this dentist I have been a patient for 5 years, I have never attempted to "scam" any sort of rx for pain. this dentist has a DEA license, he has no encoumbered license. I am wondering If I go ahead keel next weeks appointment, have the extraction , would I receive rx pain medication , or will I receive the suggestion to take over the counter med ? I am bit fustrated I receive no pain releif any suggestion?
    sekagirl, Jan 12, 2018
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  2. sekagirl

    Robert Tucker

    Oct 25, 2017
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    Manchester UK
    A little ball of cotton wool soaked in clove oil placed on the tooth? Stronger than mouthwash, I would think, and may give some pain relief.

    Can you not ask if he'll prescribe an analgesic? Can you not ask your medical doctor? If the procedure is going to involve trauma to a live nerve, tricyclic antidepressants can be very helpful. I think only a medical doctor can provide an off-licence prescription for these.

    Naprosyn, motrin or tylenol? Never tried naprosyn – Wikipedia says there's a risk of stomach ulcers. Strongest OTC painkiller mixture I've tried is 2x tablet of paracetemol 500mg with 8mg codeine phosphate and 2x tablet ibuprofen 200mg, all four tablets taken together. One shouldn't take any of them for more than 2 or 3 days – I can't take more than a couple of doses of codeine. Check all this with your pharmacist.
    Robert Tucker, Jan 15, 2018 at 11:13 AM
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