Extraction and risk of sinus perforation

Jan 8, 2022
I've had trouble with my second molar on the right side of my maxillary teeth on and off for a few years. To cut a long story short the decision has been made to extract the tooth next week to resolve all the issues with it, caused by my narrow jaw and not helped by the adjacent wsdom tooth.

However the dentist has told me that the root of the tooth is very very close to touching the maxillary sinus and there is chance of a sinus perforation. He rates the risk at about 10% but says that he will do everything to prevent it from happening.

Now I didn't know much about sinus perforation at time of being told about it and have read up on it and it sounds quite unpleasant and not something that you really want to experience.

My question is if it was to happen, I believe that it could well need an oral surgeon to fix it unless it's very minor? Apparently here in the UK waiting times for oral surgeons are very bad because of COVID, so makes me worry a bit.

Any advice?


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