Extraction 3 weeks ago

Mar 5, 2016
I had an extraction of a lower molar done on 6/17. I'm fairly concerned with the healing, as I've had an extraction before that healed up nicely. I got the stitches taken out after about 1.5 weeks, was told it was slow to heal, and a couple days later the socket legit filled up with red gum tissue WITHIN THE DAY. It's pretty much stayed the same for the last few days, MAYBE grew a little more but not too, too much. I see random spots of a creamy color substance but doesn't seem to actually ooze like I would expect pus to. I wasn't given antibiotics. In 3 days will mark the 3 week point.

Also, I actually went into a different dentist today as my dentist is closed for a long holiday weekend. This dentist did an exam on all teeth, and told me I actually have periodontal disease(she showed me in the X-ray where I've already lost about 50% of the bone in between my two front bottom teeth). In terms of the extraction, she said it's not uncommon to not get antibiotics, and that it's just healing slowly... But to explain the sudden filling of the socket she said I just have really fast gum growth...seems contradictory to me.

I just want to give as much info as possible, attach a picture, and get some opinions. The picture is from this morning b4 the dentist & it shows the creamy substance I referred to. What's causing the slow healing (periodontal disease?). Should I have gotten antibiotics? Should I see my regular dentist as soon as they're open or just wait this out until my appointment next month for my cleaning?

Thank you in advance.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Antibiotics are only indicated where there is already significant infection - I maybe prescribe 5% of the time.
The white spot looks like a head of pus. It may be simply that there are some tiny bone or tooth fragments working their way out through the healing (granulation) tissue. If you have no pain and no facial swelling, it will probably sort itself out.
And yeah, your gums look poor and I suspect just from that photo that you're a smoker.


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